MI – Bowfishing Association of Michigan – Annual Meeting

Today we had our annual meeting, and 2022 will go down as the year of a bunch of changes.
-teams can get in sportsman (big 20) and open (numbers) or just 1
-team of the year points will be awarded for both sportsman and open and also cost teams $20 to get into the run
-price of entry for the sportsman class went up from $10 a person to $30 and open class went from $25 to $30
-skimming of the pots will now go to the pot for the state shoot
-membership is still $30 a member but will now include a BAM hat
I will post and highlight all the tournament rules and bylaw changes as soon as I get done redoing them (thanks for your patience)
2022 BAM tournament Schedule
West side Big 30 April 9th
West side regular format (big 20 and numbers) April 23rd
East side Big 30 May 21st
Youth shoot: TBD, details will be posted as soon as they’re finalized
Whole Bay shotgun start out of sebewaing June 18th
Detroit River/Erie (State Shoot) July 9th
2022/2023 BAM bored
President- Jesse Hurst
Vice President- Josh Damron
Treasurer- Jason Horton
Secretary- Morgan Woloszyk


Jan 22 2022


All times are Eastern Time
12:00 pm
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