AZ – Ed Smith Memorial Man & Woman Tournament

Man/Woman shoot May 7th at the Grapevine Launch ramp. Everyone needs to be registered before the shooters meeting at 7:45 and take off from the no wake buoys at 8am and back inside the same buoys by 3pm. Weight in will begin at 3pm drive thru style. Weigh your 3 biggest fish and smallest fish.
$50 per team One Man, One Woman.
100% payout. Awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Biggest fish, smallest fish.
***Dell Owens is also donating an additional $1,000 towards the first 3 places in memory of Eddie. $500 to 1st, $300 to 2nd, $200 to 3rd***
Dinner after weigh in at 6pm at the Grapevine Parking Lot. Please bring chairs and tables if you have them.
Each team please bring a side to share. Please post in event what you will be bringing as to not duplicate.
If we can get a couple people to bring some burgers to grill that would be fantastic!! Please mention if you plan to do so!
***There can be more than one team per boat as long as fish can be separated. No other shooter on boat during tournament hours.***
Any questions please call me!


May 07 2022


All times are Pacific Time
8:00 am - 3:00 pm




Grapevine Launch Ramp
Roosevelt Lake, AZ


Sarina VanAsdlan
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